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Oh My God...Broadway!!

Book, Music and Lyrics by Karlan Judd


Full Length Musical, 7 Actors


Oh My God, Broadway! is a satirical send-up of the musical theatre business, done with  love.


Brooke, Ethan and Rob are all young(ish) actors in New York City. They go to auditions, perform in workshops and show off in showcases, all in hopes of booking that ultimate job: a role on Broadway. Marge Masterson is a producer who has a great idea for a new musical based on the (fictional) movie: Millennials. Gladys, who has her own history with Marge but is also acting as an agent for our talented threesome, gets them an audition and they book the workshop. After they sing and act their faces off and sell the audience on the new musical Millennials, it gets the funding necessary to transfer to Broadway. Our threesome is gleeful their dreams are finally going to come true!


They find out soon enough that their hopes and dreams will be dashed to pieces instead. Their friend Stewart, also part of the cast, finds out Marge intends to replace them with people who have “Broadway” credits. Well, not this time. With the help of Gladys, who is more than happy to turn the tables on Marge Masterson, they hatch a plan to kidnap Marge and take over the producing office for the Broadway debut of Millennials. All is going well until Gladys unwittingly sets Marge free and she shows up on stage in the middle of the first preview of Millennials. Mayhem ensues!


Oh My God, Broadway! is a dark comedy that asks the question, “How far would you go to make your dreams come true?”

Review (The Broadway Blog)

Announcement w/Sally Struthers, Thorgy Thor and Bonnie Milligan (Playbill)

Production History:

Staged Reading, York Theatre, August 2017 (Under the name OH MY GOD...BROADWAY!! with the wonderfully wacky Sally Struthers, Ru Paul's Drag Race All Stars' Thorgy Thor and

Head Over Heels star Bonnie Milligan)

Workshop Production, Anne L. Bernstein Theatre, October 2016  Under the name (THE REAL ACTORS OF NYC)

Developmental Reading, Emerging Artists Theatre, February 2016

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