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Let's jump into the Fray together and find something neat!          

7.26.18  I guess this is my attempt at a blog, I'm sure I'll get better. Sheku's playing is amazing, and one of those things that comes along unexpectedly and renews my faith in the power of music, the power  of sticking to something you love and making it beautiful for the world. So for this week's installment of "Things I Find Beautiful and/or Amazing," I give you Sheku Kanneh-Mason playing Leonard Cohens "Hallelujah," arranged by Tom Hodge. Thanks Sheku, Leonard, and Tom for this gift. And just for good measure, below is one more, Sheku playing Saint-Seans "The Swan" from Carnival of the Animals. Gorgeous playing!

Honestly, some things just resonate fully and completely, and we don't always know why. Such a masterpiece.

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